What's Up in Four Corners

Okay, so I’m playing Sims 3 with the Dragon Valley expansion so naturally I had to make Daenerys Targaryen. I set her up with a military career with plans to switch to political later (her life goal is also to travel the world since I have World Adventures) and gave her three dragon eggs. 

Yesterday, the game decided that her work outfit for this career level was going to be her birthday suit. My game is unmodded, there’s still pixelation if she hops in the shower. I truly don’t know what’s going on. The car came to take her to work, she stripped down, then she walked out the door. She worked for about an hour and a half before she walked out of the military fort to hatch her dragons. So there she was standing naked with Drogon (the red one), Rhaegal (the green one), and Viserion (who is supposed to be white and gold but is purple in game). Just as she was naked when they were born in the show, she was naked when they were born in the game. Only this time her clothes weren’t burned off.

Here’s what she’s supposed to be wearing:

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